Intel SSD 540s Series (1.0TB M.2 80mm SATA 6Gb/s 16nm TLC) Reseller Single Pack


Capacity 1TB
Flash Technology TLC NAND
Form Factor M.2 80mm
Interface SATA
Read Speed 560MB/s
Series 540s Series

Write Speed 125MB/s


Intel Solid State Drive 540s Series

Expect More. Do More.
Intel Evolving Storage Technology
Introducting the Intel Solid State Drive 540s Series, Intel’s latest evolution of solid state drives. Designed for a range of devices from Ultrabooks to desktops and laptops, the Intel SSD 540s Series delivers a low-power storage solution to meet the performance, quality, and reliability requirements demanded by today’s consumer devices. Additionally, the 540s Series offers increased value as Intel’s first TLC-based drive in the Intel SSD 5 Series family.
Accelerate your performance
The 540s Series accelerates platform performance with sequential reads of up to 560 megabytes and sequential writes of up to 480 megabytes per second (MB/s) and random read and write input/output operations (IOPS) of up to 78K and 85K respectively.
TLC Done Right
Utilizing a uniquely architected combination of single level cell (SLC) cache and triple level cell (TLC) NAND Flash Memory, the 540s Series delivers an optimized balance of performance and value.
Performance that matters
The 540s Series is architectued to optimize performance for a 70%/30% 4KB random read/write mixed work load, the most utilized workload across common applications-delivering performance where it matters.
Flexibility for any solution
The 540s Series is the first Intel 5 Series drive to deliver up to 1TB of storage capacity.
Available in both the 2.5″ and M.2 80mm form factors, and with storage capacities ranging from 120GB up to 1TB (1000GB), the 540s Series accelerates performance across a variety of computing devices.
Charge your device less often
Managing tasks efficiently, the 540s Series reduces the drain on your battery. It reduces idle consumption by >90% compared to a typical hard drive disk, reducing power consumption from watts to milliwatts. When coupled with a 6th generation Intel Core based platform, the advanced power mode settings reduce power consumption another order of magnitude from miliwatts to microwatts.
Quality & Reliability you can trust
The 540s Series is backed by Intel’s five year limited warranty, including Intel’s world-class post sales customer support.


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